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    “Out of the cities; out of the cities!”—this is the message the Lord has been giving me. The earthquakes will come; the floods will come; and we are not to establish ourselves in the wicked cities, where the enemy is served in every way, and where God is so often forgotten. The Lord desires that we shall have clear spiritual eyesight. We must be quick to discern the peril that would attend the establishment of institutions in these wicked cities. We must make wise plans to warn the cities, and at the same time live where we can shield our children and ourselves from the contaminating and demoralizing influences so prevalent in these places.

    — Review and Herald, July 5, 1906, par. 10 — Ellen G. White

    There will soon be a sudden change in God’s dealings. The world in its perversities is being visited with casualties—by floods, storms, fires, earthquakes, famines, wars, and bloodshed. The Lord is slow to anger, and great in power; yet He will not at all acquit the wicked. “The Lord hath His way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of His feet.” [Nahum 1:3.]

    — 10LtMs, Ms 10a, 1895, par. 72 — Ellen G. White

    Everything in the world is in agitation. The signs of the times are ominous. Coming events cast their shadows before. The Spirit of God is withdrawing from the earth, and calamity follows calamity by sea and by land. There are tempests, earthquakes, fires, floods, murders of every grade. Who can read the future? Where is security? There is assurance in nothing that is human or earthly. Rapidly are men ranging themselves under the banner they have chosen. Restlessly are they waiting and watching the movements of their leaders. There are those who are waiting and watching and working for our Lord’s appearing. Another class are falling into line under the generalship of the first great apostate. Few believe with heart and soul that we have a hell to shun and a heaven to win.

    — Desire of Ages, p. 636.1 — Ellen G. White

    In the News …

    Dangerous blizzard continues pounding California with 10-plus feet of snow, 190 mph wind gust

    The massive storm continues its assault on the region Saturday, fueled by a wide-reaching area of low pressure spanning much of the West Coast, feeding a constant stream of snow that is expected to reach over 10-12 feet in the higher elevations and even 2-5 feet as low as 6,000 feet where many residents live.


    Texas wildfire ravages nearly 900,000 acres in second largest fire in state’s history

    Texas wildfires continue growing as firefighters struggle to contain massive Panhandle blazes


    Massive fireball lights up night sky across nearly a dozen states

    So far, the American Meteor Society has not received any reports of Wednesday’s space matter striking the ground. Less than 5% of meteors survive the friction and become a meteorite.


    Catastrophic flooding swamps Los Angeles area as deadly atmospheric river slams California

    Historic rain continues to fall on the Golden State with even more flooding possible on Tuesday.


    China sends several warplanes, navy ships toward Taiwan after US-China talks

    National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan announced on X that he wrapped up talks with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Saturday


    US-UK coalition strike Iran-backed Houthi targets in Yemen after spate of ship attacks in Red Sea

    Yemen’s Iranian-backed Houthi militants have stepped up attacks on commercial vessels in the Red Sea in recent weeks


    Sweden’s defense ministry warning to brace for ‘war’ sends public into panic

    Swedish defense ministers, army commander-in-chief warn of possible armed conflict


    Japan issues tsunami warnings, orders evacuations after earthquakes

    A 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck regions of Japan Monday


    US economist predicts 2024 will bring ‘biggest crash of our lifetime’

    Harry Dent warns an ‘everything bubble’ will burst in the new year


    US warship, multiple commercial vessels reportedly attacked in Red Sea

    Attacks could mark significant escalation in the region


    Texas Gulf Coast beach covered as thousands of dead Menhaden fish wash ashore

    County officials say the combination of shallow waters and lack of sunlight created the ‘perfect storm’ to the deplete oxygen levels


    Arkansas ‘catastrophic’ tornado moves through Little Rock area; Tennessee, Iowa, Illinois impacted by twisters

    The National Weather Service described the storm as a ‘life threatening situation’


    Tornadoes tear through Mississippi killing at least 23 and leaving 100-mile destruction path

    Widespread storms prompted tornado emergency to be issued in a few Mississippi towns, which is the most severe of tornado-related alerts


    Silicon Valley Bank collapse marks worst bank failure since Great Recession

    Silicon Valley Bank’s fall echos Washington Mutual’s closure in 2008


    Senior Russian official threatens Polish borders as Moscow mounts aggression against other European nations

    Moscow ramps up aggression against European nations like Moldova and Poland as war in Ukraine reaches one-year mark


    North Korea test fires four cruise missiles to demonstrate ‘nuclear combat force,’ state media claims

    The U.S. held a Deterrence Strategy Committee Table-Top Exercise with South Korea at the Pentagon this week


    Russian Warships Armed With Nuclear Weapons Deployed: Norway

    2023-02-21 – Newsweek

    Putin issues nuclear warning to US, threatens to resume weapons tests

    Russian President Vladimir Putin says he would be suspending Russia’s participation in Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with US


    Turkey hit by another 6.4 magnitude earthquake, leaving at least three dead

    About 45,000 people died across Turkey and Syria from a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on Feb. 6


    Turkey-Syria earthquake death toll likely to surpass 56,000, UN emergency aid chief says

    Turkish officials launched investigations into faulty construction on Sunday


    Turkey-Syria earthquake: 5 family members pulled from rubble after 129 hours as death toll tops 25K

    Rescue efforts have been complicated by cold weather, extensive devastation


    Earthquake Warning

    More than 2,300 people dead in Turkey, Syria after 7.8-magnitude earthquake

    Rescue workers and residents searched for survivors under the rubble of damaged buildings


    University of Idaho homicide victims believed stabbed to death in ‘isolated, targeted attack’: police


    Polish President Andrzej Duda verifies ‘premises’ of NATO Article 4


    Russian missiles cross into NATO member Poland, kill 2: senior US intelligence official


    China’s Xi seizes total power, threatens international order with economic strength, military


    North Korea launches at least 10 missiles; South Korea answers with its own test missiles


    Tornadoes rip apart homes, uproot trees as storms move through Texas, Oklahoma


    Winter storm drops 18 inches of snow, leaves thousands in the dark in Michigan


    Virginia high school reports illness outbreak, 1,000 students call out sick


    North Korea warned of ‘unparalleled’ response from US, Japan, South Korea if it launches a 7th nuclear test


    Hurricane Ian Category 4

    Hurricane Ian intensifies to Category 4 less than 100 miles from Florida landfall


    Hurricane Ian roars to Category 4 strength, Florida officials warn residents to be cautious


    Australian wildlife team rescues 32 beached pilot whales after nearly 200 die in mass stranding

    Atlantic awakens: FOX Forecast Center tracking 3 more tropical disturbances for possible development

    Hurricane Ian forms into powerful storm, prompting evacuation order in Tampa


    Strong 6.9-magnitude earthquake hits Taiwan, triggers tsunami warning

    Powerful magnitude 7.6 shakes Mexico, hours after nationwide public drill

    Hurricane Fiona upgraded to Category 3 as it heads for Turks and Caicos Islands

    7 dead after massive earthquake strikes Papua New Guinea in Southwest Pacific

    Former Typhoon Merbok to blast western Alaska with historic storm surge, 90 mph wind and 50-foot seas

    Tropical Storm Fiona unleashes flood threats in Caribbean as Hurricane Warning issued for Puerto Rico

    Deadly 6.8 magnitude earthquake shakes southwest China

    Double Creek Fire in Oregon burns over 43,000 acres, crews working to contain

    California wildfire leaves 2 dead, explodes to 700 acres as evacuations are ordered

    Las Vegas Strip and Iconic Casinos Impacted by Flooding

    Mississippi flooding: Governor declares state of emergency with river expected to crest at 36 feet

    Catastrophic flooding in Georgia submerges cars after heavy rainfall

    1000 Year Floods Hit Kentucky and Saint Louis

    historic flooding event unfolding in eastern Kentucky Thursday is coming just 48 hours after another historic rainfall event buried parts of the St. Louis area under feet of water, both considered 1-in-1,000-year flooding events. — 2022-07-29

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