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    Elon Musk claims that he plans to reach Mars by the year 2050. While I admire his desire to aim high, I would encourage him to aim for a much more attainable goal that is infinitely better than an outpost planted in red dirt on a desolate planet. There is a very high probablility that planet earth, as we currently know it, will not exist in 2050. The reality is that those who seek for life eternal and who keep the Creator’s commandments and have the faith of Jesus, the divine only begotten Son of the living God, will be the only ones from this planet that will exist in 2050. Those who are redeemed from the earth at the soon coming of God’s beloved Son will have the priviledge and joy of travelling, not only to Mars, but throughout the entire universe, from galaxy to galaxy. They will not need space technology to get there but will be able to travel at the speed of thought without spaceships or protective gear.

    God’s redeemed will have translucent bodies and they will be clothed with light, God’s own divine presence. This robe of light will be their protection and will empower them to travel freely throughout the universe, across illimitable space to unnumbered inhabited worlds.

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